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Impotence and Sexual Dysfunction Can Be Easily Cured!

The Problem - Lack of Nitric Oxide in Men with Impotence
One of the main reasons many men cannot achieve a strong erection these days is not lack of testosterone, but lack of nitric oxide. Very simply, when a man gets sexually aroused, his body should produce Nitric Oxide. It is this that is responsible for relaxing the arteries and allowing the penis to swell up with blood. If the body does not produce enough of this chemical it doesn't matter how aroused the man is, his arteries will not relax enough to allow sufficient blood into the penis.
Many men do not realize this simple truth and go through life beating themselves up for having a weak erection and not being able to satisfy their partner. They may be told it is psychological and spend fortunes on useless therapy sessions. Or they may resort to using synthetic drugs such as Viagra, which can be harmful to the body, and can have many unpleasant side effects.
Actually it is not the man's fault! Normally it is merely due to this lack of Nitric Oxide being produced in the body at the time of arousal.
The solution - Butea Superba Root
Fortunately there is a simple solution for this. The root of a plant indigenous to Thailand has been used there for many centuries as a sexual tonic. This plant is known in the West as "Butea Superba". It has recently been studied rigorously, and clinical studies have shown when properly extracted it significantly improves the sexual function in 90% of men.
Butea Superba enables and assists the body to produce Nitric Oxide when a man is aroused. The Nitric Oxide causes the arteries to relax, and then bingo you have a rock hard erection! It is as easy as that. Additionally Butea Superba also helps men maintain their erection, and not suffer from premature ejaculation.
As an added bonus, Butea Superba also acts as a mild aphrodisiac and boosts libido too.

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